1. I’m extremely pleased with the software

    I’ve been using SIMMS Inventory Software for just over a year and find it very user friendly. I’m extremely pleased with the software and especially the Kit’s (BOM) Module, as we were experiencing problems keeping track of builds and unit costs prior to acquiring SIMMS. Tasks that used to take up much of my time are now streamlined with SIMMS.…Read More

    Dianne Shaw
  2. we have been able to accurately track our inventory

    We were in search of an ERP system can both handle or inventory needs and provide us with an integrated accounting package for all day to day transactions. We are very happy with SIMMS Inventory Software as well as the support from the team at KCSI. With the help of the Inventory Software we have been able to accurately track our inventory, easily do physical counts and cycle counts, manage our in…Read More

    Ian Hendel, General Manager
  3. outstanding support and service

    KCSI has been an excellent partner for our business. We have been using SIMMS Inventory Software for more than 8 years and have been very satisfied with the results. It is an excellent tool to work with as KCSI have provided outstanding support and service for our customers.…Read More

    David E. Handal, General Manager
  4. The work is always finished to our satisfaction

    In 2000 we were in need of a programmer for a partially completed project and KCSI completed the job for us. Since then we have used them for our ongoing software development needs. The work is always finished to our satisfaction. KCSI staff is good at understanding our requirements and putting that into action.…Read More

    Doug Wollard
  5. We never plan to purchase another brand of inventory software again

    The support we receive from the technical staff at KCSI is outstanding. There are continued updates and improvements being made to the software, many based upon the feedback provided to them by their customers. Even with all these benefits, the product is surprisingly affordable. Our entire staff agrees that this was an easy transition from our old system, and very easy to learn. We never plan to …Read More

    Cindy Lind, Service Administrator
  6. it works better then we could have ever imagined

    Just wanted to send you a note on the development of FreshVu2Go. It’s been a year now and we are getting great traction on our customer base with the customized Consignment Manager feature of FreshVu2Go that we had you develop for us. This unique software has allowed our company a value add proposition that our competitors cannot. The value of the FreshVu2Go program, when compared to much larger…Read More

  7. Thanks for a great product

    I could not be happier with FreshVu2Go. It has given us the ability to be with customers and give almost real time quoting or invoicing. Our customers really appreciate this. I have been pulled over to the side of the road talking with a customer on my cell and was able to email him a quote from my tablet. While I talked with him, he received his quote and made the order. It is quick and truly mob…Read More

    Jeff Sears
  8. The Customer Service Department for FreshVu2Go was and is phenomenal

    The FreshVu2Go system provides us with all that we need for inventory control and purchasing. It also gives us the reports we require to maintain our budgets for each location. The Customer Service Department for FreshVu2Go was and is phenomenal.…Read More

  9. They have always treated us like one of their most important customers

    We found ourselves in need of a fulfillment program capable of managing quotes, invoicing and inventory that could be used by all levels of employees including customer service, sales and warehouse management. What we loved about FreshVu2Go is that it was extremely user friendly, had great templates and custom capabilities, and still was economical. One of the most important parts of every company…Read More

    Daniel Monier
  10. I am really happy with our choice

    We needed a program that would be flexible enough to suit our individual needs and that could grow with us. The SIMMS software is a powerful inventory management program that has even been enhanced to meet our specific requirements. I am really happy with our choice and look forward to a long term relationship with KCSI and their staff.…Read More

    Kris Shipley, Finance and Purchasing