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Online Purchasing & Expenses




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Tons of Features!

Powerful and Easy-To-Use

Online Accounting Software

Simplify the purchasing process and keep a lid on costs

✔ Export purchase orders directly to receipt of goods

✔ search fields for quick retrieval of inventory data

✔ attach documents and track through document number

✔ edit expenses and track accounts payable

✔ Process Manual Vendor Invoices by snapping a photo

✔ Generate and Monitor Vendor Orders from anywhere

✔ Receive shipments quickly and easily

✔ Sort by supplier or product type

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What Our Clients Have to Say

  1. it works better then we could have ever imagined

    Just wanted to send you a note on the development of FreshVu2Go. It’s been a year now and we are getting great traction on our customer base with the customized Consignment Manager feature of FreshVu2Go that we had you develop for us. This unique software has allowed our company a value add propos…Read More

  2. Thanks for a great product

    I could not be happier with FreshVu2Go. It has given us the ability to be with customers and give almost real time quoting or invoicing. Our customers really appreciate this. I have been pulled over to the side of the road talking with a customer on my cell and was able to email him a quote from my …Read More

    Jeff Sears
  3. The Customer Service Department for FreshVu2Go was and is phenomenal

    The FreshVu2Go system provides us with all that we need for inventory control and purchasing. It also gives us the reports we require to maintain our budgets for each location. The Customer Service Department for FreshVu2Go was and is phenomenal.…Read More