Experience the Best CRM Software

Managing all of your clients’ accounts can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right customer relationship management tools on your side to help keep your clients’ details organized. Failing to maintain accurate records can lead to your customers becoming dissatisfied due to lackluster support and infrequent communication, ultimately resulting in a loss of clients, profits, and outgoing inventory. Instead of risking the success of your company with less than ideal customer relationship management software, instead consider investing in the best CRM software currently available with FreshVu2Go! Business owners love all that FreshVu2Go has to offer as it can help to make managing your business a breeze. To see how much value we can add to your day-to-day operations, don’t hesitate to make the switch to FreshVu2Go today!

As the leading online inventory management software, FreshVu2Go continues to offer the widest selection of tools at your disposal that is meant to streamline your daily operations, improve your customer relations, lower your overhead, and maximize your bottom line. From monitoring equipment rentals and managing projects online to employee time tracking and inventory management, there are an endless amount of tools offered by FreshVu2Go that are as effective as they are easy to use. Best of all, we’ve designed our intuitive inventory management software to be fully scalable, meaning that FreshVu2Go is intended for both small businesses and large businesses alike. So whether you are a startup company that is looking to refine the way you handle your business, or you are a large business that is wanting to monitor your entire operation with extreme precision, FreshVu2Go can do both with ease. Learn more about how our account management software can help your client base grow by reading more below!

What Is CRM Software?

If you are new to the business world, then you may have never heard of CRM software before, let alone know which is the best CRM software for your needs. CRM stands for customer relationship management, which originated in the form of Rolodexes and physical notes. As the digital age continued to progress, so too did the number of customer relationship management tools available both online and on individuals’ computers. Today, FreshVu2Go has designed one of the best CRM softwares currently available with a goal in mind to provide the most in value to all of our customers.

Best CRM Software

If you are wanting to increase your sales while still maintaining an open line of communication, then FreshVu2Go’s CRM software is perfect for your needs. According to Salesforce, “CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29 percent, sales productivity by up to 34 percent and sales forecast accuracy by 42 percent.” As you can see, it pays to effectively use a CRM software that is chock full of features, like FreshVu2Go. In fact, in a recent study conducted by Nucleus Research, it was found that, “The average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent.” This statistic is incredibly eye-opening and shows just how powerful an intuitive CRM software can be when used properly. Fortunately, with FreshVu2Go, you can be confident that our CRM software is both user-friendly and filled with the features that you need to keep your customers happy.

How Can CRM Help You?

Contrary to widespread belief, CRM is far more than an electronic Rolodex that is used to maintain client relations. In fact, with FreshVu2Go, you can be confident that you will be able to monitor purchasing habits, expense history, invoicing, and so much more designed to maximize your bottom line.

FreshVu2Go CRM Features

  • Maintain accurate client details such as name, address, phone number, email, and more.
  • Specify payment terms, shipping methods, billing addresses, and establish a default point of contact.
  • Maintain a customer portal to make payments easy
  • View invoice history, client notes, upcoming meetings
  • So much more

Cloud-Based CRM

Before digital computing became so widespread, many business owners were only able to use a Rolodex for managing client relations. This can make customer relationship management incredibly difficult, especially if you are out of the office and away from your Rolodex. However, with FreshVu2Go, we make managing your client relations simple and straightforward. In fact, our CRM software is available directly at your fingertips, no matter where you are. We are able to achieve this by making all of our software cloud-based, meaning that if you are at home or at lunch, our FreshVu2Go inventory management software will work just the same, whether from your tablet, cell phone, or other electronic device.

Invoice Tracking

Sometimes it can be difficult to confirm that your clients have received their purchase invoice, leading to unnecessary phone calls that have the potential to harm your customer relations. Worse yet, your client may not be entirely truthful by claiming that they never received your invoice, allowing them additional time to pay for their purchase. With FreshVu2Go, however, you will never have to worry about knowing if your clients received their invoices or not, thanks to our invoice tracking tool. When using FreshVu2Go, you can easily monitor every invoice sent out to your customers while monitoring exactly when your clients viewed their invoices. This makes it easy for you to know exactly when to expect payments from your customers, leading to precise reordering on inventory, and so much more.

Predictable Payment Methods

When working with a CRM software, you want to be sure that you can quickly and easily accept payments from reputable online payment gateways. We understand that you may want to offer a variety of ways for your clients to pay for their invoices, which is why we have integrated both PayPal and Braintree payment methods into our CRM software as our way of offering our customers the most in value and convenience. Not only will you be pleased with how easy it is to receive quick, predictable payments from your customers, but your clients will also love how simple it is to pay their invoices in a matter of moments online. By allowing customers to pay in a timely manner, you can free up more of your inventory, while keeping your inventory turnover ratio at optimal levels.

Automated Payments

What better way to ensure that your business receives a constant flow of money than with an automated recurring invoice and payment system? By using FreshVu2Go’s fully-automated recurring invoice software, you can easily schedule invoices to be sent to your clients at specific intervals, allowing your customers to know exactly when they are expected to pay for your products. Alternatively, if you have business expenses that must be paid to vendors each month, you can do so using our automated recurring payment feature. This is just one of the ways in which you can continue to operate your business without having to worry about every miniscule detail. By allowing FreshVu2Go to take care of the daily tasks that tend to slow businesses down, you can focus less on mundane tasks and more on what really matters, your customers’ experience!

Automated Missed Payment Reminder

No one likes going without payment after already delivering goods or services to a customer. This can be especially frustrating if your customers frequently miss payments that are essential to your daily operations. However, instead of having to go out of your way to reissue missing payment notices, let FreshVu2Go do the work for you! With our customer relationship management software, you can easily draft up missed payment notices that can be sent after a specified period of time has passed without payment. Not only will your customers prefer a friendly reminder from your automated CRM software, but you will also save yourself a great deal of time and stress by establishing automated messages for missed payments.

Client Credit System

Whether you are wanting to give your customers the most in satisfaction, or whether you are simply wanting to refund a customer for damaged goods, you can do so easily with our client credit system. When using FreshVu2Go, applying credit to a client’s account is not only simple, but it is also fast! Best of all, once your customer is ready to use their credit for a future purchase, they can do so with minimal effort, which can significantly help you maintain returning customers, while also attracting new ones along the way.

Client Viewing Portal

If your clients easily misplace their invoices or can’t keep track of their billing records, then they may find it difficult to know exactly what they’ve ordered from you in the past. We understand that not all businesses operate with extreme levels of organization, which is why FreshVu2Go’s CRM software features a client viewing portal that allows your customers to view every invoice from previous purchases. In fact, each of your customers’ invoices can be delivered directly to their email, so that they can quickly and easily view their payment history, current balances, and so much more. This can help to improve your bottom line while keeping your customers accountable.

Custom Invoicing for All Clients

Just like business owners, no two customers are ever the same. As such, your customers may request specific methods of having their invoice delivered, which can be quite the hassle without the right CRM software on your side. With FreshVu2Go, you can easily choose whether or not your clients receive their invoices by traditional mailing standards or by email. By offering your customers the most in flexibility, you can keep your customers happy while keeping their payments on time. As you can see, our robust CRM software is designed for both the business owner and customer in mind, so that you can maximize your revenue while providing the highest level of customer service.

Make Offline Payments

Although many of your customers most likely prefer to make electronic payments for items received, there are still many businesses that operate by using traditional means. We’ve taken into account that some business owners still make payments using cheques or bank deposits, which is why we have integrated nearly every type of payment option into FreshVu2Go’s customer relationship management software. This can add significant value to your business, as many customers that choose to pay by bank deposit or cheque may have a difficult time finding a vendor that accepts their preferred payment method.

More Features from the Best CRM Software

  • Transition from traditional invoices to digital invoices with little to no effort
  • Generate invoices for clients in just a few short seconds
  • Import your sales orders, billable project hours, and price quotes into your invoice of choice with a few easy clicks
  • Deliver invoices instantaneously to expedite the payment process

While your Rolodex may have been proven to be useful in the past, the power of FreshVu2Go’s cloud-based CRM software is sure to impress business owners that are looking for the best way to maintain client relationships, generate invoices with ease, maintain open lines of communication with customers, and so much more. Best of all, you will love how easy it is to learn how to use FreshVu2Go while streamlining your daily operations. From customer relationship management and inventory management to equipment rental tracking and employee time tracking, our robust offering of the top business management tools is sure to leave you impressed. Not to mention, with incredibly low pricing, you will be hard-pressed to find a better inventory management software at such an affordable price!

At FreshVu2Go, we’re far more than just the best inventory management software available for business owners. In fact, we offer a number of helpful resources on our website that is designed to provide your business with the most in knowledge and value. If you have any questions or concerns before signing up for the best CRM software, or if you would simply like to learn more about FreshVu2Go as a whole, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of friendly professionals today. We work hard to respond to all inquiries in a fast and efficient manner, and we look forward to helping your business grow while using FreshVu2Go!