Why should a customer pick your business? They’re looking for something unique, something more, a distinct reason to refer them to other people. Think paperless as a valid reason.

Here’s a list of reasons how going paperless benefits your company:

  • Conduct business environmentally friendly and brag about it
  • Conduct business in a mobile environment resulting in faster responses to customers
  • Create faster business work flow by eliminating the time wasted on getting paper signatures on contracts and forms that need to be hand delivered
  • Eliminate filing cabinets and reduce office space
  • Establish rapport with clients who favor “going green”
  • Increase efficiency of your staff by removing the time spent searching for and sending documents
  • Present a professional image to your customers with mobile computing solutions
  • Real time updates and delivery of documents
  • Reduce business cost associated with paper, printers, copiers, fax machines, ink and toner cartridges, repairs and support.
  • Secure backup of all documents

In this “Green” world we are living in today, you and your client should feel good that you are all taking part to help preserve our beautiful planet by going paperless.

Consider some of the environmental impact of using paper in your business:
In the West, we generate 135 million tons of paper into the waste stream, and the U.S. pulp and paper industry remains (since 1960) the 2nd largest consumer of energy, and contributes 400 million ink and 100 million toner cartridges to landfills every year. Consider that it takes 2,500 trees to produce 10 million pages. Let’s leave the trees to release oxygen for our environment Surely we have wasted enough by now. Make a major “green” step by going paperless.