FreshVu2Go delivers a secure and reliable accounting and inventory management solution. Cloud-based and integratable, FreshVu2Go lets you take the management of your business with you from complete transactions completed on your cell phone to printing reports from your tablet, to working anytime – night and day – from your tower, or any possible combination of the three.

Pocket-sized but horizon-capable, FreshVu2Go provides the tools you need to meet and beat the challenges your business faces while keeping you completely up-to-date on every aspect of your company, including the following financial solutions:

  • Asset management, risk and business analysis systems
  • Automation
  • Banking and insurance industry concerns
  • Business Intelligence (BI) tools for market research and financial reporting
  • EDI and other document delivery systems
  • Retail, cash management, A/R and A/P features
  • Transaction processing
  • Web services and applications for financial institutions and partner organizations

Before you commit to an expensive program that does only half of what you need, give FreshVu2Go a free trial here: