FreshVu2Go is a proven solution for supply chain management and distribution, being used by companies involved in fleet-footed manufacturing and real-time management of supply chain operations no matter where they need to conduct business.

You can perfectly plan and execute the activities you need, improve timely and informed business decision-making, and deliver essential information to every part of your organization. You gain both visibility and control to optimize the total performance of your various operations.

Integrate with Automated Storage
Complete control of any warehouse/location as well as bar-coding (Automated Data Collection) helps minimize supply chain and distribution expenses while improving efficiency and accuracy.

Location Management
Specified Areas (Location IDs and Location Numbers) establish sound coordination of sophisticated pick-out and put-away techniques.

Lot & Serial Control
Through purchasing documents, sales orders and stock management practices, lots and serial numbers are specific and finitely-controlled. As serial numbers and lots are consumed, a full transaction history is established and continued. Expiration dates and product recalls can be managed easily.

Purchase Order Management
Generate orders to your vendors (for your suppliers) quickly and immediately, and track each line’s items by their required locations and dates and apply service charges and permit the inclusion of indirect materials at any juncture of the process. From requisition to receiving to approval stages. Replenishment Planning coordinates both forecasted demands and sales order and provides a cost-effective and feature-rich solution to your needs.

Real-time Management of Supply Chain and Distribution Operations
Complete solution for shorter implementation times, lower costs, a quick payback of investment and a significant return on investment.

Transaction Mastery
Whether you use smart phone, tablets, other devices or static workstation or servers for your conduct of commerce, all transactions can be created, edited, verified, finalized and reported.


Both versatile and expedient, FreshVu2Go produces results and improvement with every transaction and edges you closer to the ideal business solution that you have always wanted. Give FreshVu2Go a free trial today here: