Stock control gives you both perspective and power in your business. With unlimited, customizable business management reports (including transaction history, inventory aging and total cost of inventory) FreshVu2Go’s business alerts keep you on track with your low stock levels so that you can quickly email purchase orders to your vendors, guaranteeing that the inventory you require will be on hand when you need it.

FreshVu2Go provides all the tools you need to keep your business operating smoothly in a logical, easy-to-use design. The difference between the solution you need and the one you have is features. Here are just some items on the long list of features in FreshVu2Go:

  • Access information securely and immediately
  • Create new inventory items by selecting a number from a drop, or typing or scanning
  • Easily locate inventory items, eliminating unproductive time spent searching for stock
  • Ensure data integrity with feature-based security
  • Find critical data quickly using the tool-rich Advanced Find feature
  • FreshVu2Go is Quick and Simple to Use – import your existing inventory and suppliers with the Import Wizard
  • Guarantee that the right items are in stock to meet customer demand
  • Improve business profitability and purchasing efficiency
  • Integrated labeling software makes it easy to create, customize, and print barcode and data labels Attach labels to products, shelves, sites, locations, or documents
  • Maintain accurate inventory counts for fewer year-end inventory write-offs
  • Manage your business using countless business reports
  • Navigate using Inventory Control’s user-friendly interface
  • Print Barcode Labels for Shipping, Products, or Location Tags
  • Review quantities at any time
  • Track inventory in warehouses, light manufacturing & distribution centers, retailers, stock rooms & supply closets, mobile trucks, and any installation contractors or businesses that buy, stock, and sell parts and products
  • Transfer inventory from one site to another
  • View critical count levels, including total available, total checked out, and total in-house

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