Every inventory program’s interface must be easy to navigate, with most tasks and functions listed in a single menu or panel. Ask yourself: how easy is to use the software to actually take inventory? Support for barcode scanners lessens the amount of time you spend updating your actual stock numbers, as well providing you with information as to precisely where your stock is located and making the tracking of it very simple. Help menu access is always at your fingertips and the process of printing your current stock counts and then updating them should be simplicity itself. Fluid speed should also be available when adding specific items, customers, locations and suppliers.

Combined with checking on your prices, sales made on a weekly business or monthly, and your bottom line, your package needs to provide all these to you easily and quickly. FreshVu2Go helps you plan for growth and adjust to limitations that may occur. When you consider that amongst your top two advantages with FreshVu2Go are accuracy and speed, how can you at least give the software a try?

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