FreshVu2Go streamlines shipping and receiving operations thus facilitating quicker processing and the ability to track important additional information required for shipments. Informative packing slips reduce manual handling due to picking lists. FreshVu2Go gives your staff the necessary resources to improve customer satisfaction. You can ship directly from sales invoices or sales orders. Sales staff can spot delayed shipments or backlogs in shipping before they become a problem.

FreshVu2Go makes it easy to:

  • Combine multiple orders into single shipments and save money.
  • Combine shipments from different orders related to the same customer (if need be) and associate the item(s) to box labels for better tracking capabilities.
  • Easily see what has to be shipped along with what already has been shipped.
  • Modify receipts to incorporate freight costs and handling charges levied by vendors at a later date. Simply add a line item in the receipt with the price and description of the charge then re-save the receipt.
  • Receive items from/to more than one stock location on a single invoice/receipt.
  • Select alternate ship-to locations at the stage of shipping or add a new ship-to address on the fly.
  • Track the dates of each shipment automatically by configuring inventory items with their default weights. SIMMS then utilizes this information when shipping (although you can override the weight at the shipping stage if you require).
  • Track the number of boxes assigned to a shipment by assigning each box a label and assigning orders (or individual items from orders) to each box within a shipment. This gives you the ability to track how many boxes per shipment were utilized, and what labels were assigned to each of the boxes.


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