FreshVu2Go provides a completely integrated, SaaS inventory solution for many businesses and industries. The advantages of integrated software systems lies in the uniformity of user interface, consistency in global company data, and no requirements for data transcription from one system to the next. The inherent reliability of many processes in FreshVu2Go lend themselves to many particular disciplines. One example is ship management, where these challenges and duties might come your way:

  • Accident /Incident/NearMiss Reporting
  • Bunkering/Lubes/Fresh Water
  • Cargo Damages/Stevedore’s Damages
  • Check Lists/Action Lists
  • Crew Management
  • Crew Payroll
  • Crew Training and Drills
  • Data Export/Import
  • Document Control and Repository System for ISM Code Compliance
  • Drydocking
  • Engine/Auxiliary Equipment Log/Performance
  • ISM Audit Planning
  • Legal Matters
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Provision for updating Port State Control Regulations
  • Replication Module
  • Safety Management System
  • Spare Parts Control/Stores/Provisions Management
  • Survey Status/Certificates
  • System Administration and Integrity
  • Vessel’s General Accounts
  • Voyage Accounting/Profitability
  • Voyage Diary/Logs

Whether your business requires ship management, or a vastly different set of needs, FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management software can help you. Give it a free trial here: https://freshvu2go.com/free-trial/?plan=trial