Maintaining the precise amount of inventory to supply service level expectations is imperative to your company’s commerce. FreshVu2Go provides many tools to automate this process. Preferred stocking levels, lead times and re-order points can be automatically calculated in the system. In its multi-location distribution requirements planning solution, FreshVu2Go’s advanced parameters help you balance supply and demand across your entire enterprise.

You can:

  • Manage your inventory across your entire business
  • Optimize your cash flow
  • Plan for multi-location requirements
  • Reduce your handling costs

There are many factors that go into managing your stock, but your bottom line is that you must be certain you have enough stock on hand in the right locations to meet the demands upon it.

FreshVu2Go provides you with many robust features to help you manage this, including cycle counts, demand planning , distribution requirements, re-order points, safety stock, and inventory tracking over multiple locations.

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