Maintaining linear assets such as pipelines, railroads, and transmission or electrical wires, places a large demand on suppliers and manufacturers by the maintenance and replacement services required. The materials and equipment needed to perform these maintenance tasks also need servicing and tracking. FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Pro helps the maintenance crews keep track of personnel, materials and tools used in the service projects.

Use Maintenance Pro to help you:

  • Create moment-to-moment reports and figures in a snap
  • Monitor repair records and current work orders
  • Prepare data requirements for certification associations, department heads, insurance companies, and legal firms
  • Quickly review figures, maintenance histories and repairs
  • Save time by automating maintenance management while reducing  unnecessary paperwork
  • Update data and manage information instantly

If the maintenance teams require tasks from workers from personnel or support departments, these details belong within the system as part of the overall project. Coordinating your vehicles, generators, and flatdecks to haul vast distances of pipe, winches and digging equipment, cranes, and spools of wire, can be confusing for everyone involved. FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management tool makes coordination and communication easy and simple to implement. Maintenance Pro, one of the management tools in FreshVu2Go’s software, streamlines numerous channels of contact from a single place, allowing records to be established and updated as the repair or maintenance job moves towards completion. Cost and time monitoring are also available instantly at your fingertips with FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Pro.

If you need precision, ease, and speed in your respective maintenance projects, give FreshVu2Go SaaS management tool a free try today!