Shipping’s chief goal is customer service, and is measured for speed and accuracy. Perfect  pick lines are also of huge importance. Key performance indicators (KPIs), like shipping and picking, help you walk the tightrope between failure and success and, roughly, you have five years to help your business make it. Of all things, you need to understand the real cost of your inventory.

Every type of business has its own KPIs and they are each important to your company’s fiscal future. They’re directly related to the efficiency of your supply chain and the demand and quality of the inventory you stock, while also informing you of any trending of your buying habits.

If all your KPIs are optimized properly, customers will come back over and over and your sales will make you new customers. FreshVu2Go helps you to watch all your KPIs and make moves to improve them. Built for inventory management first and then enhanced to handle all of your accounting needs, FreshVu2Go uses all metrics that a cloud-based, real-time software solution should provide.

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