In the past, it has usually required a team of IT techs to implement on-premise applications. However, unless the team has had a practicable understanding of functional processes and the frameworks of underlying applications then the implementation has suffered in both complexity and time demands. However, most companies hang their businesses on how readily the implementation is able to occur, and haven’t time to wait for trial-and-error projects to eventually suit their needs.

SaaS applications need to be manageable by their users directly for the benefit of their businesses. Their need to easily and quickly connect data with their other enterprise systems is paramount, and so the Cloud Integration must be complementary to the model through minimized development, immediate implementation, and access to maintenance resources, allowing users to focus on their core business.

After two decades of applied knowledge of inventory and accounting, we have put all our practical expertise we have achieved so far into the leading Cloud-based inventory and accounting application: FreshVu2Go.

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