Over time, missing books, replacements, withdrawals, human error and changes in cataloging practices contribute to inconsistencies between a collection’s actual holdings and its official records. Often these inconsistencies are inconsequential. There are occasions, however, when a patron and/or staff member can spend a substantial amount of time searching for an item listed in the catalog, which, in fact has been lost, misplaced or withdrawn from the collection. Not only do such instances cause frustration and confusion, they also erode library users’ confidence to deliver information in a timely and efficient manner. If the number of searches for items not on shelves rises, this is a prime indicator that an inventory of the library’s holdings is needed.

FreshVu2Go’s versatile tracking capabilities can keep you on top of all your items, no matter to which location or individual they are assigned. Its robust features and detailed search capabilities keep FreshVu2Go at the head of the pack of cloud-based inventory/accounting applications on the market today.

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