Today’s competitive business world requires that every aspect of the business is up and running and not suffering from down-time. With FreshVu2Go, you’re instantly online, so that service for, and billing of, your customers can commence. Contradictory to systems that are cobbled together from sparse and unrelated pieces, FreshVu2Go has amalgamated multiple technologies and work management systems to coordinate its installation, meaning that not only is each user up and running correctly, but also that their billing system is immediately current.

Inventory management is not only the documentation of raw materials and the movement of those materials into operational processes. Also important are materials as they go through the various stages of your operation. Usually referred to as a work in progress (or goods) inventory, the accurate tracking of materials as they are used to manufacture finished goods helps to identify the need to adjust ordering amounts before the raw materials inventory falls to a substandard level or balloons to an exaggerated level.

Beyond the ultimate control of the movement and volume of your inventory, its precise management also makes it possible to prepare accurate records that are used for accessing any taxes due on each inventory type. Without precise data regarding unit volumes within each phase of the overall operation, your company cannot accurately calculate the appropriate amount of taxes. This could lead to underpaying the taxes due and will likely lead to overdue fines or, ultimately, an audit of your business.

Finally, inventory management must deal with maintaining accuracy in all records of your finished goods now ready for shipment. Requiring the posting of the production of newly-completed goods, your inventory totals additionally need accurate subtraction of your most recent shipments of those finished goods to your customers. When your company has a return policy in place, there is usually a sub-category contained in the finished goods inventory to account for any returned goods that are second-grade or that have been reclassified as refurbished. Your accurately maintenance of precise item counts of your finished goods inventory helps you keep your sales personnel instantly informed about the available stock and which items can be shipped immediately.

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