FreshVu2Go inventory and accounting software empowers you with multiple branch management and feature-rich inventory replenishment methods. You gain the tools to reduce your excessive or older stock, improve your cash flow, lower your carrying costs, and improve your customer service levels.

FreshVu2Go maintains the data on your stock changes, thus promoting accuracy while you make sales and purchasing decisions. Your tracking of locations/containers/vessels improves immediately, and your cycle counting, vendor returns, and stock transfers have never been better.

Your business can be done on-the-fly, scanning and entering, processing orders, refilling stock from your vendors, and most importantly, satisfying your customers’ needs. The data that matters most to you is available from a suite of comprehensive reports so that you’re always up-to-date while your business day continues. The system welcomes multiple users in a network environment. The costly and complex functions of your business enterprise are made easy and quick to maintain and to improve.

The secure and versatile cloud-based business world we know today will only become more efficient and standardized as time goes by and in that moving current, the software you use for your commercial, inventory and accounting must have the ability to grow and change as The Cloud does. FreshVu2Go is designed for business people by programmers and developers who understand business and the needs of its many clients – improvements occur regularly and our clients are the better for it because they have found that rarest and very best development in their software experience: an application that grows and changes as they grow and change.

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