Hot on the heels of last week’s update, this week’s post will highlight a few Maintenance Pro features to get you started in understanding this remarkable new module.

When it comes to equipment and vehicles, Maintenance Pro offers multiple time-saving features to help you with your tasks, transactions, and project-related communications.

Without a doubt, Maintenance Pro has a lot to offer. This week, we’ve put together a sneak-peek of five time-saving features you can look forward to:

Customizable fields: These sections make it easy to edit fields and add details, right from the add/edit equipment window, or any other window where you see a pencil and ellipses icon. Another handy feature is the ability to add documents, images and notes to your projects. Everything is central and seamlessly works together to save you time.

User and location defined tasks: You have the ability to allocate repairs and maintenance to specific locations, which makes it convenient when dealing with multiple brick and mortar shops or job sites.

Also, when a vehicle comes up for repairs or maintenance, you can record the driver of the vehicle in the work order and as a result, avoid unnecessary delays in communication.

You can also assign different technicians work orders , making it possible to easily track communication and send emails right from FreshVu2Go.

We even have a handy “acknowledgement” feature, which means you’ll be notified when a work order has been approved.

Fuel and meter logging: It’s not just for vehicles. You can monitor electrical meters, pumps, or rig equipment, so tracking regular maintenance becomes effective when it comes to your bottom line.

With the fuel and meter reading feature, you’ll be able to easily manage vehicle mileage and fuel consumption, as well as automate scheduled repairs. Logged fuel and meter consumption creates and categorizes reports that will identify fuel cost analysis and when future maintenance is due.

Recurring maintenance scheduling: Maintenance teams often have to take external work requests from people outside the organization or department. This can be a request from an assembly line operator or a building inspector who is requesting heating system repairs. You’ll be able to connect various channels of contact into a central place, recording requests and tracking completion.

Repair request scheduling: Feel at ease when it comes to maintenance requests. Your records are never lost, because they’re stored in the cloud, and you’ll always have a logged history of transactions.

Use the schedule feature to schedule preventive maintenance in advance. This is particularly important for recurring work and sending reminders to the right people. Scheduled maintenance planning helps teams with distribution of workload and guarantees that tasks are not forgotten.

For more information on how to optimize your maintenance and repair tasks with FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management software, give us a call, email, or contact us here. Our support team is happy to help.