Accountancy practices in the next two decades will employ more business analytics and data warehousing than ever before. Companies generating huge amounts of data will keep investing in business intelligence software suites to manage their needs. Therefore, accountants with a new level of technical skills will succeed.

Countries like Canada, New Zealand and South Africa are making strong moves towards modern, viable, ultra-competitive economies, and innovation in accounting will stay in step and, in some places, lead.

The process of extracting data to analyze business streams and establish KPIs is moving toward a lucrative opportunity for the companies that seek a future in a more global marketplace than ever before. The Accountant-as-Consultant will hold a healthy place in that world.

Accountants remain a valuable servicer for any modern business. Thus, the businesses of the future, regardless of size, will need accountants that understand their needs and systems. The newest technology and tools will help you gain and maintain a consistently excellent level of accountancy service.

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