fv_salesThe quote-to-order process often contains many challenges such as absent signatories, delivery errors, lost order paperwork, misplaced quotations, order entry mistakes, and quotes containing mistakes in verbiage or amounts. These can all produce poor customer satisfaction, delays, and increased costs. Knowing which step you should choose as your first depends on what steps you want on record and require you to know the advantages of all three sales tools.

First up, price quotes are cost estimates based on discussions you have with your customer. They are free of charge, are binding if accepted in writing before they expire (usually 30 days) but are not binding on you. If you do not wish to accept an unexpired price quote, you can decline it then request a new price quote as the parameters of your project become more defined or your plans change. At both the line and schedule of a quotation, you do not have access to lot selection and soft allocation that sales order lines and schedules, do not apply to quotations. When entering a quote, you must enter an expiration date to note the amount of time (term) that prices and terms on the quote are no longer valid.

Next, sales orders represent a mutually binding contract to provide products and services you have ordered for the dollar amount specified. The production of a sales order will automatically prompt a fulfillment department to ship your order and produce an invoice. Also, sales orders require documentation, such as including an email or fax in which you place the order, or a contract, a signed price quote, or an organizational purchase order. Sales orders also commonly include your conditions of sale.

Last, invoices are demands for full or partial payment on past or future products and services and are due and payable within 30 days to avoid accrual of interest and/or late payment fees. Some of your established customers, for example, receive an invoice each month for their purchases that occurred in the prior month.

FreshVu2Go’s sales order solution facilitates workflow to provide you with more confidence that customers have the best possible experience. With FreshVu2Go, your quote-to-order process is accurate, efficient and fast. You gain the visibility you require to plan your business. It links your existing quote, sales order and invoicing processes, and eliminates redundant work and manual tasks thus eliminating errors and increasing your credibility with your customers.

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