Integration of on-premise applications has traditionally required a team of IT specialists that have a deep understanding of underlying application processes and frameworks. SAAS apps are made to be run by business users—non-domain experts that need to easily and quickly connect other enterprise systems with data. Cloud integration must complement the model by implementation, by maintenance resources and by minimizing development. This permits users to spend their valuable time on their business.

Today, popular cloud computing services, like FreshVu2Go, provide levels of function and availability to out-perform internal infrastructure, achieving in most cases higher than 95% uptime. Cloud strategy designs identify integration requirements for each system (real-time, near real-time, batch), and determine the number of simultaneous requests to be handled, and specify all special architecture requirements. The ultimate success of these systems depend on guaranteeing that information will not be lost if the cloud or on-premise source goes down.

Combining such an SAAS with a reliable backup system and you reduce potential downtime to lower than 5%.

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