If your stock tracking is off-kilter, you’ll experience unnecessarily high costs, inventory inaccuracies and a drop in customer satisfaction levels.

The best way to measure inventory accuracy is to compare how many items are in stock to what’s actually recorded in your database. Doing this on a regular basis ensures that bookkeeping practices are in order.

Manufacturing or reordering parts you already have in stock is a common mistake when you don’t know what you already have. Using barcodes, however, is exceedingly accurate and is integrated into the FreshVu2Go system, and within its first day of use, companies can experience positive results such as more effective inventory tracking and improved ordering habits.

If you find inaccuracies tend to be the norm in your inventory counts, integrating a barcode inventory management system can solve those problems for your business, too. Effective financial planning and accounting drives the successful growth and profits of every small business.

FreshVu2Go has been founded on the concept that growing companies are extremely sensitive to shifts in both their cash flow and their balance sheet. We know they need to check their fiscal performance at any moment and make plans for the future. Since small businesses compose over 90% of all businesses, their success affects every country’s economy.

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