From FreshVu2Go’s Contact Manager, you can coordinate all important customer historical information instantly with both precision and ease. Keep your finger on each customer’s pulse at all times from a single easy-to-use window, and never worry about losing track of vital customer information again with FreshVu2Go.

With FreshVu2Go, you can:

  • Manage all your customer information instantly and easily. FreshVu2Go is the perfect accounting and inventory management software for you and your business.
  • Monitor your customer’s invoice summary information, quotes and sales orders, as well as related dates of transactions, document numbers, order numbers, statuses of transaction, nets, freights, taxes, total values, and balances owing for each transaction. If you would like, you can easily drill down to the details of specific transactions with one simple click.
  • Open up numerous accounts receivable reports and keep track of multiple accounts at once thanks to our intuitive account management software.
  • Review outstanding credits owed to the customer instantly using drill-down capabilities so that you can ascertain how the credits became due.
  • Review payments associated to customer invoices easily, keeping up with important information like payment numbers, dates of payment, total payment amounts, discounts and interest paid, check numbers and comments associated with each payment and applying payments with a single click.
  • View immediately any customer balance that is owing.

If you are interested in learning how FreshVu2Go’s cutting-edge inventory and account management software can integrate into your business, click here to start your free trial today!