FreshVu2Go provides comprehensive solutions for managing your company’s Accounts Payable needs. Beyond simply recording transactions, payments and obligations, it offers flexible cheque writing capabilities.

Strong Accounts Payable functionality is a critical area for any company. In FreshVu2Go, the main screen brings up a list of all purchases and payments made by you from vendors, giving you the ability to drill down to the actual transaction enabling you to see all details quickly and easily. You can review and apply payments easily to vendor invoices then proceed to the many Accounts Payable reports available from the same screen keeping you up-to-date on your purchasing status.

AP features:

  • AP Reports: Quickly retrieve and report on the Accounts Payable information you need.
  • Batch Processing: Process a batch of payments for existing invoices in your system with ease enabling the selection of the invoices from selected vendors that are to be included in the batch.
  • Currency Trader: Multi-currency enables you to pay your multi-currency vendors through a 3rd party payment process or Currency Trader. It’s easy to track what was paid to a Currency Trader in one currency and what invoices/vendors and currencies employed by them to pay your vendors, as well as associating the payment with the vendor and invoice, thus creating a flawless financial flow.
  • Payment Processing: FreshVu2Go allows you to process payments for your vendors enabling payment by cash, cheque, credit card as well as applying existing credit toward it.
  • Purchasing: Purchasing features keep your item details at hand, while partial orders can be processed quickly and users can make decisions based on any variances they observe. Accuracy in costing is always in mind so that users can receive the best deals possible on each successive acquisition. Aging of stock and all item details are mapped once they are entered into the system.

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