FreshVu2Go’s Accounting features help your company replace a stand-alone accounting program with a comprehensive Business Management Solution.

If your business is a medium- to large-sized with 10 to 1,000+ employees. Its advanced financial management functions as the core of its entire collection of features. Advanced allocations and banking and budgeting, currency trader management, fixed asset and cash management capabilities. It’s all you’ll need for accounting – and more.

Features included are:

  • Accounts Payable: The Accounts Payable features provide a comprehensive solution for managing expenditures.
  • Accounts Receivable: The Accounts Receivable features track receivables, plan cash flow and provide extensive information and reporting features to give you vital business insights to plan for the future.
  • Banking: You can edit and add credit card and bank accounts, and easily enter deposits, transfer funds, enter cash, cheque or credit card transactions as well as reconciling cash and credit cards via bank reconciliation.
  • Budgets: Maintain and enforce budgets with ease and transfer budget amounts from one account to another.
  • Financial Reporting: There are virtually unlimited financial reporting capabilities.
  • Sales Commissions: Calculating sales commissions due has never been easier. With FreshVu2Go you can auto-calculate commissions based on either the Receivable or the Transactional method.

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