If you are a business owner that often sends other businesses goods on consignment, you know just how important it is to keep a close watch on goods sent to other facilities. From items lost in transit to inventory that can take a great deal of time for your clients to sell, you want to ensure that you are protected from any liability that your clients may pose. By being able to monitor goods on consignment, you can reduce the likelihood of losing track of goods that are sent to your customers to sell. This is one of the reasons why FreshVu2Go has developed an intuitive goods on consignment monitoring tool that is included in our comprehensive inventory management suite.

Are you looking for the best inventory tracking software at a more than affordable price point? Maybe you are simply looking for the best CRM software for your company to improve client relationships. Whatever your needs may be, you can easily streamline your daily operations with ease by using FreshVu2Go. We are leaders in inventory management, having helped countless businesses grow their sales as well as their brand, and we continue to do so today. Learn about how you can easily manage your goods on consignment with little to no effort by reading more below.

Effortless Consignment Tracking

Whether you are sending away goods on consignment to customers or you are wanting to keep track of overdue consignment goods, you can do both with ease by using FreshVu2Go. In fact, while using our inventory tracking software, your business can manage all of your customers’ consignment billing dates from one screen while also monitoring the location of your goods on consignment. This can help to ensure precision accuracy for all of your items that leave your facility on consignment, so that you never have to worry about any of your items unexplainably disappearing, whether in transit or after they have been received by your customers.

The Best Billing System Software for Goods On Consignment

Unsold goods on consignment may constitute billing your customer for the full amount of unsold goods. However, keeping track of past due items on consignment can be complicated, especially if you don’t have the proper inventory management software to help you manage every aspect of your business. With FreshVu2Go, you can easily do so without having to worry about losing track of past due items. In fact, by using our inventory tracking software, you can automate all billing of overdue consignment goods so that you won’t be victim to unknowingly lost profits.

If you are still searching for the best inventory tracking software for your business, consider giving FreshVu2Go a try today to see why so many businesses around the world put their trust in our software. From the best CRM software to account management tools that make keeping in contact with clients easy, we know that you will be more than pleased with the capabilities that FreshVu2Go has to offer. Get in touch with our team of professionals today to learn more!