1. Accounts Receivables with FreshVu2Go

    From FreshVu2Go’s Contact Manager, you can coordinate all important customer historical information instantly with both precision and ease. Keep your finger on each customer’s pulse at all times from a single easy-to-use window, and never worry about losing track of vital customer information ag…Read More

  2. Shipping with FreshVu2Go

    FreshVu2Go gives you the necessary resources to improve customer satisfaction by streamlining shipping and receiving operations to facilitate quicker processing and giving you the ability to track important additional information required for shipments. You can ship directly from sales invoices or s…Read More

  3. Item Transfers with FreshVu2Go

    In this video, we’re going to show you how FreshVu2Go’s inventory tracking software makes it easy to digitally move inventory from one area to another within your company. We know that you will be pleased using our state-of-the-art cloud inventory management suite, which is why we are offering a…Read More

  4. Work order with FreshVu2Go

    FreshVu2Go’s Work Order functions provide you with complete autonomy and mastery of your manufacturing processes, providing you with the ability to manage all of your up-to-the-minute works in process (WIP) data. For businesses involved in make to-order, assemble-to-order and engineer-to-order pro…Read More

  5. Processing Purchase Orders with FreshVu2Go

    With FreshVu2Go’s comprehensive inventory management software, you can expertly and immediately manage your purchase orders using the robust tools available in our SaaS. You can also check the status and scheduling of new, pending, overdue and expected purchase orders so that your company can be s…Read More

  6. Calendar Events in FreshVu2Go

    We know that your business involves a number of moving parts that can be hard to keep track of. Why complicate your day-to-day operations further by having a less than organized event calendar? With FreshVu2Go’s intuitive account management software, you can rest easy knowing that all of your dail…Read More

  7. Manufacturing Inventory Terms

    Companies most often categorize their stock items for sale into the following groups: Consignment stocks - These are goods that you warehouse (and possibly sell) on behalf of your clients Finished goods - These are goods ready for sale to customers Goods for resale - These are returned goods that ar…Read More

  8. Keep Personal Control with FreshVu2Go

    In the past, it has usually required a team of IT techs to implement on-premise applications. However, unless the team has had a practicable understanding of functional processes and the frameworks of underlying applications then the implementation has suffered in both complexity and time demands. H…Read More