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Online Inventory Management Software Anywhere, Anytime.

FreshVu2Go is a unique online inventory software solution that accomplishes more for you in less time, increases your inventory control and simplifies your inventory management from anywhere at anytime.

Maintain the right inventory levels and reduce tied-up cash in unnecessary stock. FreshVu2Go is a real-time, on-demand management tool that helps you track inventory, including serial number and manufacturer's lot control items. You can also assign stock locations and meet demands with our stock replenishment feature. Simplify complex procedures in managing, tracking and organizing your inventory actions.

FreshVu2Go’s online invoicing system allows you to drop sales transactions straight into invoicing for quick, easy billing. You can also set-up statements to be issued at fulfillment milestones. We take online accounting seriously, allowing for efficient tools to manage your quotes, estimates, invoices and sales report. We make the process easy so you can avoid delays.

Behind every business is a set of numbers. That’s why our user-friendly purchase and expense toolkit lets you track and manage receipt of goods to include details specific to your service or product. We also want to give you the option of manual expense entries to include business overhead. We can’t get rid of expenses entirely, but we can make it easier.

If you observe industry regulations and code, involving tracking of repairs and maintenance of equipment and tools, this feature is especially for you. Whether you’re in the automotive industry, mining or agriculture, our Maintenance Pro feature allows you to track fuel and mileage, track equipment breakdown and schedule regular upkeep. Keep peace of mind, knowing your operations are to industry standards.

FreshVu2Go provides real time equipment rental tracking for your company. Optimize your asset scheduling and inventory stock levels to increase your efficiency, manage rental return inspections with the ability to assign maintenance as required in order to assure your equipment is repaired in time for the next rental.

Offer your customers the flexibility they need from wherever you retail, with the web-based mobile FreshVu2Go's POS System designed for mobile merchants like mall kiosks. Customers have come to expect certain things when they go shopping. Accepting cash, credit and debit is a must, as is offering layaways, special orders, store credits and custom gift cards. Do all this with the help of FreshVu2Go's POS retail point of sale system! Delivering superior customer service means building a stronger, long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Using the online Tool Crib option introduces accountability, decreasing the likelihood of loss. Whether you operate from one location or several, FreshVu2Go’s Tool Crib management feature allows you to keep track of various items. Assign inventory to employees, track items by zone, flag extended check-outs, as well as identify items on reserve.

Time is money and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why FreshVu2Go’s online time and attendance tracking software enhances your staff management with more detailed logging of staff activities. Including the ability to enter specific comments related to each task. This additional level of detail makes it easy to minimize compliance risk and demonstrate adherence to regulations.

Our easy-to-use online Project Management tool integrates features that save you time and money. Schedule tasks, generate invoices, track project hours, allocate inventory, monitor time and attendance, as well as determine unbilled hours. From any location, using any mobile device, our Cloud-based software helps you manage your day-to-day operations on-the-go.

Managing your contacts, sales and purchasing history couldn’t be easier with FreshVu2Go’s secure and safe online loud-based software solution. We help you manage your contacts, keep accurate records of your sales cycle, as well as track correspondence with key stakeholders. Our CRM tool just made it easier to maintain your B2B and B2C relationships.

Whether you’re an online retail operator, independent service provider, or a brick-and-mortar business, FreshVu2Go gives you access to every aspect of your business. Manage your accounting, projects, estimates, returns and other key areas from an iPad, laptop, tablet, or PC. Our on-demand, from the Cloud, software solution keeps your data safe, secure up-to-date and easy to manage.

Online Inventory Management Software


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